Empty Nest Syndrome

If you have left home recently, did your parents suffer “Empty Nest Syndrome” – a feeling of distress focusing on a loss of purpose and relationship? Did they mourn the lost joy of listening for you coming home in the wee hours of Saturday morning? Or, did they seem to discover a new freedom, relaxation, frequent cruises or vacations, and, (if they are still married) renewed satisfaction with their own relationship?

A Happy Place

Although love produces children, children eventually leave home. This departure is a significant event, and sometimes a difficult separation. But, according to National surveys, the empty nest is, for most people, a happy place (Adelmann Et al., 1989). Compared with middle-aged women with children still living at home, those living in an empty nest report greater happiness and greater enjoyment of their marriage. Many parents experience a second honeymoon period, especially if they maintain close relationships with their children (White & Edwards, 1990).

This report is not a diagnosis. We hope this information can guide you toward improving your life.

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