Sigmund Freud (1856-1939) believed that rather than being guided by forces outside of ourselves, such as God or fate, we are motivated and controlled by the inner workings of our own minds. Specifically the unconscious. He claimed that our experiences are affected by primal drives contained in the unconscious. HisContinue Reading

During the 1970s, Psychologist professor and author Elizabeth Loftus began to grow skeptical about the idea of recalling repressed memories or even the ability to exactly recall past events. False Memories Since then, study after study has proven that recollection of facts and events can be distorted by suggestions andContinue Reading

Our memory is both reconstruction and reproduction. We can’t always be sure whether a memory is real by how real it “feels.” Much of perceptual illusion may seem real. But unreal memories also feel like real memories. Most memories therefore have the potential to being incorrect or changed because ofContinue Reading